This week I WATCHED a movie called Fury. Let me just tell you the cast is amazing in this movie. 
Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and my definite favourite Logan Lerman. I don't watch a lot of war movies, but this one is a really good one. Though there were a few things that looked unreal, you could really get the feeling of being there with the characters. As weird as it sounds, the movie got me thinking about how was it like during World Wars.

READ... again not much. I was supposed to read Martian, but I don't know, I can't get through it. 

LISTENED  to Ne-Yo and Juicy J collaboration song called She Knows, it is really good, a little bit of rap and a lot of Ne-Yo's good voice. It totally completes the song. Then we have Often by The Weeknd, which is on the other side, it's more slow. It's from soundtrack of 50 Shades of Grey, which is why it probably is pretty seductive.

I ATE or at least tried eating more healthy. It didn't really go the way I wanted, because I ate McDonald's on Wednesday. But believe me, it was because of my friends. So by healthy I mean eating a salad, cottage chesse light (it says on the packet). Ok, don't laugh.

LOOK FORWARD to more sunny days. This week was so beautiful. I really felt the spring coming. Hopefully this upcoming week will be similar. I want to go on more walks!