Next week is almost come to an end, but before that take a look of what I have been loving this week.

This week I WATCHED American Horror Story. Since I haven't ended the 4th season, I thought it was high time. My love for that TV show is back. Not only is it the best one, I have ever seen to be honest, Evan Peters is hella cute. Can't wait to see the season finale, probably tonight.

I finally got around to READING Martian by Andy Weir. Though not much has been read, I feel quite excited to read more of it. I'm very curious, if the main character survives. I'll update you soon. Well, not on the ending, no spoilers, I promise.

It was quite a MUSICal week. Still listening to throwback playlists, both mine and Anna's from ViviannaDoesMakeup. But besides that I have been obsessed with Conor Maynard's new single called Talking About and also Somebody by Natalie La Rose. Ohh and about those throwback songs, I've been into Shackles by Mary Mary. OBSESSED.

Today I've met up with my bestie Kate. We went to National Museum for a little stroll around and then for of course FOOD. It was one of the best burgers I have eaten in my life. Not mentioning the vanilla shake afterwards. It made me very full.

New week will probably not be exciting at all. No things to LOOK FORWARD to really.


Like I said this Saturday, myself and Kate went to National Museum in Warsaw. Besides having a really good day, we saw some really nice art.