Today is the 1st anniversary of me wearing braces. How quick has that past?

Exactly one year ago I had my first (and hopefully last) retainer put on at the dentist. It was quite scary, especially that I always have been against this idea. But I finally decided to have braces, mainly because of the outlook factors. I just didn't like the fact that my bottom teeth were not perfectly straight.

In my opinion I have the worst behind me, which was mainly the beginning. It really hurt, but now I sometimes forget even having it on. I'm quite used to it and as for now I can't imagine myself not wearing it.

I have a few tips to tell you tonight. They're probably more for the ones, who will have braces put on, but maybe they'll be helpful for those already wearing a retainer.

Just to add before starting, I'm wearing the normal braces, I believe they're called train track braces.

1) Carry a tooth brush and tooth paste or simply mints.

I guarantee it'll come in handy. You really don't want to smell badly. Especially that food has the tendency to stay in your braces. So if you have space and time to wash your teeth, use a tooth brush and tooth paste. But if not, you always can use mints. They do work too.

2) Carry a small mirror.

Again after a meal you can check, if there isn't something stuck between your teeth. It comes in handy when you don't want to publicly look in the mirror in a toilet.


This it the most important tip, that's why it's in the capital letters. I had many incidents, when I had food stuck between my teeth and smile like stupid. Not a very pleasent look, I can assure you. So if you didn't have time to clean your teeth or look in the mirror, just don't smile that much.

4) Don't eat apples with their peel on.

As stupid as it sounds, it is a real thing. I basically can't eat an apple with its peel still on. Don't want to be harsh or anything, but stays everywhere. I'll repeat e v e r y w h e r e. And it's hard to get of, at least it was like that in my case. Oh and also sorry if I grossed you out.

5) Never choose invisible elastic ties.

If you don't know, while wearing the train track the things that hold the wires in brackets are called elastic ties. And at my dentist I can choose, what colour of those ties I want. I ALWAYS go for grey ones (i'm not a colourful person). But one time they didn't have any, so the dentist put the 'invisible' ones. Oh yeah sure they were invisible for a week or so, but then they changed the colour into yellow. To this yellow colour, that you get from sweat on your clothes. So I don't advise to choose 'invisible' elastic ties.

Ok, that's it for my tips for braces wearers. If you have any other tips, then please share them in the comments below.

Speak to you soon,
Mary x