It's almost the end of April, but let's recap this month one last time.

So another month from 2015 has passed. I can't believe how quick it goes by. It was only January!
But here a few highlights from April for me. Hope you enjoy!

3) Flashing lights, can't remember what song is that from? Rihanna?
3) Day at my Granparents'
7) Breakfast in the city. That's how they roll. Pancakes!
7) Went for a walk with Kate in the park and random kid was riding a bike - photo!
8) My dog being all cute on Easter
11) Sunsets do amaze me. I love watching the sun go down.
12) Morning run...
12) It was a really good donut!
15) Exactly one year has passed since I've been wearing my braces.
16) My cat and my dog being all cute.

16) I love blossoming flowers. Especially these ones. Anyone knows what are they called?
19) Cinnabon - literally my life. I've never been a fan of cinamon, but these... omg, delicious!
19) Shopping time, trying on a playsuit from Mango.
20) Having a short break for food during that shopping. Healthy as always, eating a salad!
20) I love when clouds are in such weird shapes, and also there is so many of them.
26) #ootd, wedding edition
26) Such a 'awww' moment. I love this part on weddings!
26) A little bit of sight seeing during the wedding.

And that's it, tell me what was you're highlight of the month?
Speak to you soon,
Mary x