I'm so happy that April has begun, but first let's go back to March and see what favourites I have.

1) Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper
I'm finally brave enough to wear red lipstick in public. I'm very proud of myself :) And it's probably thanks to my lipstick as well. Honestly this Bourjois one stayed on my lips all evening from 4 pm till about 10 pm. Also it survived eating spaghetti carbonara and tiramisu. I highly recommend it!

2) Lirene Young 20+ BB creme
Instead of foundation I have been using a BB cream for a few weeks now. I must say I enjoy it way more. It feels very lightweight on the skin and I love this effect. If you have any BB creams recommendation, than please do write in the comments below, because I want to try some new ones.

3) NIKO watch
I have owned it for about a year now and it has only now occured to me, that it is my favourite watch. Maybe it's because I didn't want to wear it at first. It doesn't have the most well made wrist band, and I'm still afraid it'll soon break. But anyway recently I have been wearing it with pretty much anything. Probably because it matches any clothes I wear :)

 4) Casual Collection Debenhams jumper
As the name suggests that is literally the most casual jumper I have ever worn. And also the comfiest one. I like to wear after I'm back to school, just to feel comfortable and so on. I don't really know how much was it worth, because I bought it in a second hand shop.

And those were my favourites from the month of March. In the comments tell me what has been your favourite of the month.

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. I am love with that Jumper and watch. They are the cutest!! I am not as brave as you to wear lipstick out in public yet. Probably because I am the worst at applying it. Really cute post!!


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