I had a break last week, but here I am back, with of course Weekly Roundup.

watched: I've been obsessed with The Originals. The truth is that I haven't been so up to date with this TV show. So I had like 20 episodes to catch up on. And it was amazing. I couldn't stop watching it. I admit I even watched it on some lessons at school. My favourite character is Elijah and Kol. Both original brothers. If you're a fan of The Vampire Diaries, I would suggest watching The Originals. At first you can be a little bit like Eee, but then it gets better, I promise.

listened: ooooooo if I were supposed to tell you all the songs I've been loving throughout those 2 weeks, this blog post would not ever end. Starting with my obsession with Chris Brown, but I will do a whole post about my fave songs and stuff. Besides Post To Be by Omarion featuring 
Jhene Aiko and (of course) Chris Brown, I've been loving Someone New by Hozier and American Oxygen by Rihanna.

ate: yesterdays wedding made me full after like 2 hours. Not mentioning eating a wedding cake, after being full. I will do a blog post about all the food and my presence at a wedding soon too :) You can see a sneakpeak on this blog's thumbnail of what the food looked like.

looking forward: Another spring break starting this Friday. Another week off of school, which I'm very excited about. I have some plans for this spring break, so I literally can't wait!

question of the week: When were you last at a wedding? Someone close to you had a wedding recently?

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. Niceeee post :DD I am glad you enjoyed a lot lately. I really like this Weekly Roundup Idea :0 I haven't been in anyone's wedding in a really longtime omg! Haaha.. The cake looks soooo yummyyy ^.^ I'll be looking forward to your favourite songs post and the foooood. Because everyone loves food. hahaa. By the way, Keep having fun! :)

    Oh and nicee blog too :DD If you had a ''grab my button'' I'd definetly grab it! lol :)


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