Another month is gone. But as it's the last day of May today, I thought it was the best time to sum up this month.

Even though May has passed super quickly, a lot happened for me during this month. First of all it was my 17th birthday, which I think you knew about. It was a quite chilled month, if it comes to school, but of course it couldn't happen without any stress. Also I had McDonalds twice. Oooh yes my diet for summer, some would say. A family get-together... I feel like generally May is quite a busy month for most of us. It's the last month before the SUMMER!

But let's get into my Instagram Journal, shall we?

From left to right (the numbers suggest the day in May):
12) Waited for a bus home for 20 minutes, so a nice view came by.
12) I had my birthday cards for about 2 weeks on my desk. You sure can tell I love birthdays!
12) I have no idea how did this happen. It's all thanks to snapchat, I guess haha
13) Lilacs are beautiful and smell amazing.
15) Went for a run, I guess it's a nice river.
15) Posing for a selfie. Yes, I wanted to change my profile picture on Facebook.
17) A family get-together couldn't happen without a fireplace.
18) A sunset you can't quite see because of my face, and the black and white filter haha.

18) This time you can see a sunset, still not quite, but it's better than the previous one :)
24) Here is the real sunset art. Let me just tell you, how amazing those colours are.
24) The first McDonalds, this time smoothie : Pineapple and Mango. Quite good.
25) Swans are a really rare thing to see near my house.
25) This view couldn't get more beautiful.
25) My current hairstlye love : messy bun.
28) Clouds can sometimes be so mesmerizing.
29) Another McDonalds visit, this time Iced Frappe. Yes, you can see my friend taking photo of it as well.

----> 31) And this photo was taking today. My mum bought me flowers. How sweet of her to do that :) Luv ya mum!

Thank you so much for reading and watching my photos this month. As great as May was, I can't wait for June, because it's the last month before summer break.

What was your highlight of May?

Speak to you soon,
Mary x