Sorry for a little late notice, but it was my birthday on May, 6th. And I decided to film the day before it and obviously my birthday.
I hope you enjoyed the video. Be sure to check out my blog on Tuesday, because a birthday haul is coming up.

*Also a quick info for y'all there. I have officially gone back to having just one blog. So there I will no longer post any blog posts on Crazy in Beauty. However all the posts from that blog are here on CIL.
Also I'm changing my schedule, due to this fact. On Tuesdays there will be lifestyle blog posts going up, on Thursdays new beauty blog posts. Then on the weekends, we will be having ladies and gentlemen - Weekly Roundup and Weekly Outfit/anyother blog post.
Hope nobody will cry after reading this. The decision was made after I started paying less attention to Crazy in Beauty.

Speak to you soon,
Mary x