As promised, here is my birthday haul aka what I got for my birthday.

As you are probably aware of this fact, but I'm going to remind you one last time (probably not). Recently I celebrated my 17th birthday!!! I got a lot of presents, which I'm very happy about. So to anybody that actually got me any of those presents, thank you very much!

But now onto the presentation of the presents. Starting off with my best friend Kate. She obviously got me the most hilarious gifts, because that's how she is. I laughed at them for good 3 minutes.
Firstly she made me a DIY tshirt with a very special text on it '#MyCalvinzzz'. And it's because we have a kind of inside joke about the new Justin Bieber's ad for Calvin Klein.
Then she actually bought me my favourite things to eat - olives. I'm a full-on olives eater. Instantly I heard Nelly Furtado's song Maneater. Nevermind haha.
Also she got me a thing from my beauty wish list. Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Sugar&Spice. A review coming your way on Thursday.
Also I actually found a new hobby of mine - card collecting. So I begged each and every one of my gift givers to buy/make me a birthday card. Kate bought me a card with a 3D chihuahua. This is the present that got me the most haha
And lastly a chocolate, because you can never get too much chocolate.

Continiuing with my other friends - Agata and Monica. They presented me with Victoria's Secret mist. I already have a few at my house, but I don't have a scent like this, and it does smell amazing. A full review on this product also on Thursday. Next up is a big supply of my favourite chocolate bars. Princessa Zebra aaah, I could eat it all day long. And the thing I loved the most was the card. They made it themselves. How amazing is that!

My brother wasn't the most creative one, but I also really like his present. He got me a Sephora gift card. So that means, a Sephora haul may happen haha. If you have any recommendations of what to get from Sephora, then please write in the comments. And also a very lovely surprise - flowers. But I know my mum bought them, but either way, thank you!

And the last presents I got, were from my parents. I wanted to buy myself a gold watch for a really long time. So they got me one, and it's also from Parfois, so the brand, that I constantly buy my watches at. And yeah, now I'm obsessed. Ups. But also, my mum got me this amazing bouquet, full of tulips.

And that is it. I am thankful for all of the presents I received. I couldn't thank you all enough.
In the comments tell me, if there is that one birthday present, that you loved the most getting.

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. I actually bought you my favourite chocolate with filling. It's sooo goood!
    And ur welcome :)

  2. These are lovely gifts, I'm glad you had a great birthday. :) xx


  3. Your friend Kate sounds rad! She got all your favorites. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. :]

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  4. These look amazing! Hope you had a great birthday!! :)
    xoxo, Teryn

    //The Rucksack Diaries//http://www.diariesofarucksack.com/


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