I'm so sorry for not writing for so long, but umm here I am with another Instagram Journals, well because it's the end of this month!

June was very crazy! With all the school ending and a few important tests. But the most important thing is happening right now... well it's summer break. The holidays I've been waiting for quite a long time. But before stepping in July, let's take a look back at my June memories!

4) Tiramisu ice cream dessert, the best combination!
6) Watching Capitan America 2, my new fave movie from Marvel!
6) Strolling around with my brother in the neighbourhood.
6) Made myself a lot of strawberry smoothies!
7) Went on a water bike with my brotha! Muscles burning haha
7) And the view from our water bike.

12) And the first picture from my school trip to Vilnius - here Mickiewicz's house
12) The windy and non-windy version of a selfie
12) An amazing view at Vilnius
12) #stootd - School Trip Outfit of the Day
12) I never miss the chance to take a photo of a sunset!
12) He almost bit me. How dare you swan?

16) Last few weeks of school. A lot of tests!
20) Finally IKEA visit with my mum
20) Basket full of necessities.
24) Seeing a puppy always makes me go 'Awww'
24) I wish I had this book by Bobbi Brown, such an inspiration
28) Last day of school lunch with my friends

28) First bike trip this summer break. Hopefully many more to come ;)
28) Rose are red... haha well not those ones!
28) Braid perfection in my opinion. Never done more perfect braid,

And that's it. I can't wait for July, because I'm actually going to Italy this month. Rome, I'm coming for you!!!

What is your best memory of June?
Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. I love your photos! And I hope you'll have an amazing time during summer holiday. xx


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