If it's not a weekly roundup, that has eventually turned into two-weeks roundup. Enjoy!

It's almost the end of the week, and actually the last day of spring. Yep, tomorrow starts official summer. I can't wait!

But let's get back to weekly roundup.

This week I:

watched: I just can't get enough of Friends. I feel like I'm on this point, where it's hard to finish. I'm currently at the end of season 7. A few exciting things happen in this season for the friends, but I'm the most excited for the last episode. Sooo close...

But that is not all. Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars has started, and I have never been that creeped out. Literally during 1 episode, I think I jumped a few times. Excited season ahead. I think the creators of the show must have changed something, because it does feel like a whole other show.

listened: Ciara has come out with a new album recently called Jackie. And I have been pretty obsessed with it. To be honest I haven't listened to Ciara since 2009, when she had that song with Justin Timberlake (Love, Sex, Magic) or 2010, when song Ride was a absolute hit. But now I love this album, maybe not the whole album, but there are some songs, that made me call this album fabulous. And those were Give Me Love, One Woman Army and That's How I'm Feelin' feat. Pitbull and Missy Elliot.

ate: yesterday I went with my mum to IKEA, and you know what can be eaten there. My favourite meatballs. And the sauce! Even thinking about it, my mouth's watering haha

looking forward to: tonights 18th birthday party, not mine, but I'm going there with my good friend. And then of course the end of this school year next Friday! Oh yes!

What was your highlight of the week?

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. I've been watching Friends a lot too. It's just so good. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. I've been watching Friends a lot too. It's just so good. :]

    // ▲ ▲


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