watched: I'm continuing on the Friends catch up. I'm currently on season 6. I know it may sound
pretty quick, because 2 weeks ago I was watching season 2, but that's how I roll.

Also me and my brother watched Capitan America 2. I'm a big fan of super heroes and I like watching any movie connected with them, but to be honest Capitan America 2 has just become my favourite. It kept me in suspense all the time. And it was a little scary from time to time,  which I also really liked.

listened: As I'm still a fan of Chris Brown, I listened a lot to Do It Again, which is actually Pia Mia's song and it also features Tyga. Also being on time, as I always am, I'm kind of obsessed with See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. I know it was quite a hit, when Fast And Furious 7 premiered in theaters, but I never got around listening to it, until now...

ate: too much McDonalds. I went there two time in one week. And of course took the standard menu for me: McWrap and some chips. Not healthy I know, but to be honest I don't visit McDonalds that often, so... After one of the visits, I went for a 5 km walk with my friend, so that's alright I guess. Burnt those calories haha

looking forward: on Wednesday I'm going for a school trip to Vilnius. I can't wait, because I have never been there before, and I feel like if not now, I will never visit it in the future.

This week is over, but I'm looking forward to another one. And you?

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. I adore Captain America ! x


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