Oooh yes, I've gone full on with a shopping spree. Shall I say, ups? haha
So with this break that I've been having, I thought it was a good idea to prepare myself for summer clothing-wise. I wasn't planning on spending that much. It wasn't myself who started a sale at Reserved. But Reserved wasn't the only shop I visited.

So starting off with H&M, which is the first shop I looked in. I wanted to buy myself socks for a while, I chose the white ones. Also am I the only one, whom socks always rip off so quickly?
Besides socks, I picked up some hair ties, as they were on sale.

The next shop I visited was New Look. There wasn't anything that exciting, but I did pick up a blue, kind of grey top. I love that it's so loose.

The last shop was Reserved. And yes, it's the place I picked up the most stuff. It was mostly tshirts and tops. The first one was a very summery. When I see this jumper/top, it reminds me of Baywatch or in general a lifeguard. I definitely bought this one for the beach, to through on my swim suit.

The next to tops are also beach themed, but are more on a basic side of the story. I like the summery thing to it. I bet that from wearing it, I will want holidays even more haha

Those shorts are the kind of I wanted for a really long time. They had similar ones in H&M, but they were more sporty, than casual. So yeah, I went for those one. I like that they look casual, but in my opinion you could pull off smart/ elegant look with them.

And the last thing is a top, which is my favourite. It says Bossy on it. I don't think I got it especially for the text, but I liked how it looked on.

And that's it for my summer clothing haul. Tell me, if you are preparing for summer, as I am?

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. I love the blue/grey shirt you got and the shorts! And, you can never have too many hair ties.



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