I have a Instagram month to sum up! This time July, obviously...
 From left to right:
1) Reading Girl Online by Zoella. You already know what I think about this book. But either way very nice evening.
5) I didn't even know, but drinking Kate's favourite drink at Costa Coffee - Mango Delight. Yum!
5) My friend's 18 birthday. I've got my card, ballon - ready to go!
5) My dinner - grilled chicken, salad and bbq sauce
11) Chillin near the lake after heavy rain
11) I go on a trip to Italy on 24th. Yay! Well, I'm already here, but you know...

 12) Bright sunset.
12) Amazing pizza, amazing host, amazing time! Thanks Kate! Go to her blog to get the recipe for this healthy pizza!
12) What's an amazing evening without Lemon Mohitos?
12) You let your best friend take a selfie haha
12) Dying my her for the first time!
13) Having some blogging time with my bff!

13) The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, PL. Nice view!
13) Flowerstagram!
14) Gloomy day :(
14) I love living in the forest.
15) A long 40 km bike trip. Very refreshing!
15) Happy Birthday Grandpa!

15) Another shot of the lake. Gorgeous!
17) Finally started some cleaning. Change my bedding. I'm done, I guess!
18) It always comes the sun, after the rain.
19) Another pizza this month. Probably not the last!
19) How the sky is so beautiful sometimes?
20) Received my Sephora Birthday Gift with Nars Lip Pencil in Cruella. This colour is my LIFE!

Thank you so much for reading. I've been enjoying Instagram very much recently, mostly because I changed my 'theme'. It basically means that now I edit my photos to be more bright.

Speak to you soon,
Mary x