A month break has come to an end. New Weekly Roundup is here!

Last week I:

watched: well like always Friends season 9. But I'm so close till the end. I can't wait for the season 10. Sadly the last season. What will I watch next?

Besides Friends, I've been really into So You Think You Can Dance. Here, in Poland, we have You Can Dance, which basically is just our country's version, but I think that American SYTYCD is sooo much better. Like it's actually about the technique and the dancing and not just about the emotions and money like Polish version. Just so you know haha. But I've been catching up, because the last episode I saw was the Vegas Callbacks.

listened: to a lot of  R&B music. I've been discovering many playlists on Spotify dedicated to R&B. And a few of Ciara's songs came up like Overdose and Livin' It Up. Also a big fan of Matt Bomer's version of the song Heaven. I think it's actually on the Magic Mike XXL soundtrack.
On the more pop side, Pop A Bottle by Jessica Mauboy has been one my faves.

read: this hasn't been on my WR in a few months actually. But like you probably know, I have started reading a lot. And the book I've read this week was the Dark Visions by L.J. Smith. It is actually the third or fourth time I've read it. I must admit, there were a few moments, where I literally was like: 'That could never happen', but I still like that book very much.

ate: I've been LOVING couscous. It's like my go-to, quick meal. Meaning I cook couscous and add either tomato or sweet-and-sour sauce. I'm obsessed!

looking forward to: this Friday I'm going to Italy again. Probably there will be a post explaining this trip and stuff, but seriously I can't wait!

What was your highlight last week?

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. I thought you're looking foreward my birthday :'( :'(


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