It's time for summary of my Instagram pictures. But this blog post is for throwback!
Because I went for holidays to Italy, I didn't get the chance to share photos, I uploaded to Instagram during my trip. So before my August Instagram Journal, let's throw it back Thursday, or maybe Monday.

 23) It's her birthday, it's her birthday. Happy Birthday Kate!
23) Lovely pizza lunch for Kate's birthday.
23) Train life with Kate.
24) It's time to go. Italy here I come!
24) Car life with my fam.
25) It's amazing to be in the middle of the forest, only 15 km from Rome.

 27) Busy life, many cars.
27) I never smell flowers, I only take photos.
27) Rome sightseeing.
27) Rome sightseeing vol.2.
27) Tiber.
28) Vatican sightseeing. A lot of sightseeing haha

28) First pizza in Italy. Hawaian one. Mmm...
28) Downtown Rome landscape.
28) Italian sunset.
31) While I watched sunset, on the other side, there was a moon already. The moon.
31) I love palm trees. It makes a beach, even more beachy.
31) Beach life.
31) Another photo with palm trees. My love for them is endless.

Be ready for another 40 photos from Instagram either tomorrow or in 2 days time.
Speak to you soon,
Mary x