Aloha, I'm back, as you can probably already tell. But I did some shopping (big one tbh) in Italy and today I wanted to share all the things I bought with you.

First of all I hope you all enjoyed the photos, I posted while I was away in Italy. I'm actually really proud of some of them. Also thank you for reading those blog posts :)

But on to this years trip. After being in Italy for 2 weeks, I have came back with a really good tan. I finally got to see Rome, which is super exciting and also I had the chance to lay for hours on the beach. It was very relaxing.

But as I'm very into makeup these days, I think it might have become my hobby, I just had to do some shopping. Also I wanted to purchase something from KIKO for quite a while now, and since it was in basically every shopping mall in Italy, I just had to pick a few things up. It probably doesn't quite count as few, but... well, you can say I got too excited about this store. But to be honest I'm very proud of all the things I bought.

Ok, I'm not going to make it even longer, because I'm sure all you're here for is to see, what I bought. So onto the haul...

I'm not sure how I feel like about this item. I picked up the Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker in 106. I really like the colour, it's like a really nice berry colour, and it is really long lasting as the name suggests, BUT it applies like an actually marker, so you have to be careful when using it on your lips. I have to test it out more, to say if it's good, or more nah.

Next thing I picked up is an Eyeshadow in 150. I really like it. It's a very light pink. The pigmentation isn't huge, but you can easily build the colour up.


Uuu this I love. It's a Velvet Stick Blush in 04 Cadillac Pink. It's a vey nice light pick blush. It goes with pretty much every makeup look. I've been using it every day ever since I got it in Italy.

Since we are in that stick form makeup, the other thing I picked up is the Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter in 100. It's a gold highlighter. I really like it, maybe it's not #highlight on flick, but it gives that nice beaming accent on your face.

I picked up this Smart Lip Pencil 709, still to test out.

But more exciting thing is this Masterpiece Bronzer in 01 Forward Sienna. I think it's a bit to light for my skin tone, but I can easily build it up thanks to that darker bronze shade. It gives that nice bronze effect on your face. It's matte and it's better for all over warming up skin, but if you want to contour, I think it'll work too.

Also I picked up a rollerball perfume, but to be more specific it's the Ritual Bergamot&Jasmine Eue De Toilette. I had a choice between this and Vanilla&Musk scent, but I decided to go for this one, because it smells more lively and risky, if a perfume can even smell that. But it obviously has the notes of Bergamot and Jasmine. I love the fact that it is a rollerball, because it is small and I can carry it in my handbag with out any bigger problem.

This item is not from KIKO, but I also picked it up in Italy. It's the Maybelline Fit Me! Powder in 120. Unfortunetely we don't have Fit Me! line here in Poland, so I was very excited about this purchase. I still haven't opened it yet, but if it's as good as the concealer, I'm sure I'll like it.

And the last items I picked up in KIKO, were basically an essential items, that I've been meaning to buy for so long, but never got the chance to. So I got the eyelash curler, which is very good. It curls my lashes perfectly and I'm very curious, how I lived without an eyelash curler for so long before.

Then we have nail buffer. Nothing exciting about that haha :) And also some tweezers.

That is everything I bought in KIKO in Italy. I'm very happy about all the items I picked up. Also I really like the store itself. A huge selection of everything. I'm sure I'll be back in KIKO store at some point in near future.

Thank you so much for reading,
I'll speak to you soon,
Mary xx


  1. Why, for the God's sake, are you sleeping with your make up on, just WHY?


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