I can be away in Italy, but I have a special edition of Weekly Roundup today. The Italy Edition!

In Italy I have been:

watching: Friends season 10. I've said to myself that I have to have a little break before the last season. So I've waited about a week, before starting season 10. It's long enough. It was hard though. 

I can't wait to see how it all ends, because I have been very much addicted to Friends for more than 3 months.

Besides the usual, I've been trying to catch up on some other TV shows, for example: Pretty Little Liars, Aquarius and Marvel Agents of SHIELD.

listening: Starting with Communion by Years&Years. I've been a really big fan of their album, but in general their music. I have a few favourites already. Ties is an amazing song, as well as 1977 and Gold. I think the main singer has an incredible voice. 

To add I have the album by Ciara called Jackie, you have heard me rave about it in Weekly Roundup #14, so that's no surprise to you.

And the last album that I've been listening to a lot in Italy is Sometime Last Night by R5. Enjoying it not going to lie!

reading: a few books, mainly from my Summer Reading List. So 11/22/63 by King, then The Da Vinci Code by Brown. Also I want to read Divergent, but I have a lot to watch, so we shall see.

eating: I think you already know the answer to that. ITALIAN, ITALIAN and one more ITALIAN food. I can't and I won't stop. 

looking forward to: nothing really. I have everything I've been dreaming about since school has ended. 


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