First day of autumn, so here are 6 things I love about autumn.

For those of you who don't know. Today is the first day of autumn. Fall. Or however you like to call. Maybe it's not my favourite season, because I way prefer winter, but I'm actually very excited of this years idea of autumn.
I've decided to make a post about things I love about autumn. Of course there are more than just 6 things, but those below are definitely the ones that really make me excited about this upcoming or shall I say already here season.

Christmas is right around the corner
Hot chocolate and cosy nights are back
Colorful leaves
Layering clothes
Relaxing music

 I actually did a lot of autumn blog posts last year, so if you want to check them out, I'll leave those links below!

I hope you enjoyed that blog post. In the comments, tell me what you are most excited for this autumn.
I will speak to you soon,