You have seen my office corner, and today I wanted to share with you my desk essentials!

There are certain things, that I just need to have on my desk, no matter what happens. They are my essentials. So without further ado, let's get into my desk essentials.

 Hairbands. I'm the hair-down type of girl. But it's more when I'm going out, than when I stay in. When I'm home doing homework, I desperatly need a hair tie. I feel so much better without hair in my face.

 Highlighters. I often find myself highlighting things in my notebooks. Whenever I'm learning for a test, I like to highlight the most important things, because I remember them better that way.

 Flash cards. I use those small pieces of paper for literally everything. Instead of calculator, when doing Maths homework. Then writing important thing. Also I use them to write small motivational quotes. They are sooo handy!

A calendar. Another super important thing for me. It's not so much desk essential as more of a everyday essential. Last year I said that I love to organize, and it's still true. Because of school I'm always lost with counting days, so a calendar is a must-have.

And those were my desk essentials. Not a lot, but without them I don't do my work the same way.
In the comments, I would love to hear your desk essentials.

Speak to you soon,