Like promised, here is another 40 photos that I uploaded in August to Instagram. Enjoy!

 8) And I'm back from Italy, so I have to update my Instagram account. Italian ice cream are THE BEST!
8) Another amazing view of the beach. Or maybe the sea.
8) Clearly having fun taking selfies on the beach.
8) Just another pic of the beach. Can't get enough.
8) I'm back with my kitty. Sweety sleeping on my bed.
9) Having a very delicous ice cream dessert in Costa Coffee.
9) Reunited with Kate! Finally!
9) And a few photos from our reunion haha
9) The Tomb Of Unknown Soldier.
12) Watching Suits in bed!
13) Reminiscing sun rise in Italy.
15) Kate paid me a visit and we had a picnic, not really on a ground.
15) My dog is such a guard.
16) Delicous pizza made from a recipe by Kate!
16) We went canoeing.
16) This photo of the clouds is literally my favourite!

 16) Here are some paddles. You know, same old, same old.
16) And after Kate left, I went on a bike trip. Love the sunsets!
18) Bath&Body Works shopping.
18) Made a big bowl, or maybe a plate of spaghetti.
19) And today I made a big bowl of fruit salad.
19) Went roller skating with Kate. On the bridge.
19) Foutains.
19) Tiramisu and Oreo ice cream. Amazing!
19) True friendship!
20) Happy Birthday Grandma! Not the best cake... but I didn't mind.
20) Beez in the trap. Not literally!
20) Sunny Day!
20) IKEA shopping. I wish I had a bedroom like this.
20) Yet another sunset!
21) Burrito lunch: chicken, cheese, peas and onions. And tomato sauce.
21) Another roller skating session with Kate. Stop for a juice.

21) This amazing sunset. I love the fact, that I can watch those so often.
23) Church photo. Artsy one.
23) Happy Birthday to my friend! Happy 18th!
23) Fireworks for her birthday. Not literally for her, but accidentally.
23) Train life!
25) A late sunset. I can't get enought.
25) A bridge. Really nice as well.
26) Being a guest at Kate's house is amazing. Great host!
26) Roller skating by myself in the park.
26) Roses are such nice flowers.
27) Had a feast in Pizza Hut with Kate.
27) Those chocolates are lovely. Wish I could eat at least one.
29) #tbt to living in a forest, 15 km from Rome.
29) Again train life!
30) After buying school supplies, I stumbled upon another sunset. What a surprise.
31) Ice cream treat before roller skating session.

31) And now photos from that roller skating session.
31) Old Town.
31) Sun is high! Not literally. It was very hot!
31) And another pic of the bridge. I like this the most!

And that's about 40, or maybe 50 pictures. It took me a long time to write this post, but it was worth it, because I love sharing those with you.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. Looks like you had a fun month! This post makes me want to take more pictures

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