This summer was a time, when a lot of changes happened to my hair.
So let's have a little throwback, shall we?

As you may or may not remember in the beginning of this years summer break, I wrote a summer bucket list post. I mentioned there, that I really want to dye my hair. And so I present to you my first change that happened this summer.


I've always wanted to change the colour of my hair. But to be honest I was too afraid, mostly because of all the articles about how it damages your hair and also that the colour I chose, wouldn't suit me.
Also you may say 'What? You coloured your hair?' When did that happen?'. Well, my friends, you have to trust me on that, but I did in fact dye my hair in the beginning of July. The only problem was, that the dye I chose, was almost the same color as my natural one. So in conclusion, it was barely seeable. Which wasn't what I hoped to achieve, but well at least I didn't have to be bothered with Kate, for being an amazing hairdresser and actually changing the colour of my hair.
roots problems. Also I use past tense when talking about colouring my hair, because it was half-permanent one, so it is probably gone by now. Ooo and again big thanks to Kate for this actually doing this. You would make a great hairdresser.
The hair dye I used was by Syoss and it's their Proffessional Performance Pemanent Coloration in 3-8 Sweet Brunette.


I just wanted a typical trim, to get rid of split ends and also because hairdressers tell you to trim your hair every 2-3 months (which I never do). I was encouraged by (again) Kate, as she was going to have her hair coloured (professionally, not like me :) )
But then I thought if I'm going to the hairdressers, I might as well change something for the upcoming senior year. So I did. I cut more than half of my hair, or that's how I like to remember it. I'm not lying, I had a lot of hair cut off and I must say I'm both proud and happy about what I did. I must admit, I have to take a little bit more care of my short hair, as my hair is naturally straight, but the ends flip out, and I look like from 60's, which I'm not very keen on. But overall, I'm really happy about what I did, but I'm thinking if to trim it again to short, the next time, I go to the hairdressers.

So yes, those were the changes that happened to my hair during summer. Let me know, if any of you did had hair cut off or coloured. I would like to know!

I will speak to you soon,


  1. It looks gorgeous, the change really suits you :)

    Bethany | xx

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! The colour and length really suits you :)

    Chloe Marie |


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