While we are in this back-to-school mood, hopefully still, I wanted to share with you my office corner! So you're welcomed to take a tour!

The thing that I constantly use in my room is my desk. I can't imagine not having it in my room. I feel it's far more comfortable sitting in a chair, than in some weird positions on my bed. I love having a clean desk (which happens not so often), so I thought that if for once I have nothing that I don't need on my desk, I would take some photos and share my office zone with you.

What actually inspired me to write this post is the background of my so-called office corner. Fun fact I actually did it all by myself, the night (or maybe the morning, because I was up till 2 am to make this) before Kate came for a sleepover during this summer break.

I wanted to change my desk area a bit for this senior year in high school. I feel like it gives a lot of inspiration, thanks to of course all those inspirational quotes. Also in my opinion it looks extra adorable!

Not making this too long, below you can see in full details, what my office corner looks like. I hope you enjoy it and it gives you some inspiration.

P.S. Yes, I did take photos for about 30 minutes. I had a small food break ;)

Be ready for my desk essentials blog post, which will appear in 2/3 days.
Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. it looks soooo awesome, I'm jealous ;)

  2. it looks soooo awesome, I'm jealous ;)

  3. Omg that zig zag book shelf is so cool! xx


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