Long time, no see, but I'm back with my September Instagram Journal!

1) An amazing breakfast in an amazing sunshine!
2) Raindrops keep falling on my head, or on my balcony.
3) Motivational quotes are sometimes so great. Stay weird!
4) It's that time again. Learning time.
5) 500 photos have arrived. Scrapbooking time!
6) Vegan curry.
7) View from my bed.
8) My new office. A motivational board behind my desk.

9) Boring lesson is perfect for taking photos.
10) After shopping photo. It's raining a lot.
11) Forest walk.
12) My kitty as always looking all cute!
13) Delicious ice cream. With M&Ms, even better.
14) Morning sunshine, one of the few this month.
15) Pizza with bff.
16) Leaves are gone from this tree.

17) Another sunshine, but this time afternoon one.
18) Bike trip with my grandpa and brother.
19) Morning sunshine vol.2.
20) Mini pizzas, hot chocolate and Grey's Anatomy. Perfect evening.
21) Even though it's autumn, we can still buy amazing summer flowers.
22) Found this little place. Can't wait to watch sunsets there.

23) Went for a walk in to the wood. The photos will be here on my blog soon.
24) Although I didn't get to see the bloody moon, I still took a few photos of the regular moon.
25) Oo and the sky was amazing too.

That's it. For sure less photos than in August, but I realized I have less time for the 'fun' stuff in my life. But either way, hope you enjoyed!
Tell me, what was exciting for you in the month of September!
Speak to you soon,