A belated Instagram Journal from October. 

I'm so late with that one. Normally it should be publish at the beginning of November, but I've been so busy this school year, that I just didn't have time to write this post. But don't worry, today is the day that you get a sneak peak of what I've been doing this past month. That is October.

1) The sky is my favourite thing to photograph. The best model ever!
2) Making a few birthday cards. I love it!
3) Went to Częstochowa. 
4) Another pic from Częstochowa. 
5) Uuu a cheeky selfie. Trying out a new lipstick out.
6) My mum is the best, she bought me about 10 Ritter Sport chocolates!

7) A night photo from when me and Kate went shopping
8) I bought new shoes, so I guess the shopping went well.
9) It's too cold here in Poland, but this would be go to autumn outfit.
10) Ooh yes, those are the new shoes. Also I changed my theme on Instagram.
11) You know I love hot chocolate. 
12) And some leaves.

13) A rainy day in Warsaw. And foggy as well.
14) Thanks mommy for the spagetti.
15) A photo from the foggy day. I love this kind of weather for photos.
16) My dog chillin, while I'm relaxing in bed.
17) Made cupcupes, first time in what feels like forever. Nicely decorated as well.
18) Throwback to me visiting Rome. It's so picturesque.

19) Can you believe this was the view from my school window?
20) I woke up like this with a big ray of sunshine and without glasses.
21) Happy Halloween!!

Thank you so much for reading. Any good memories in October? Please, share them with me in the comments.
Speak to you soon,