And for the last day of November - Instagram Journal

The end of November. It's crazy how this year has passed so quickly. Obviously we have a whole, exciting month ahead of us. But as exciting as it is, it'll pass faster than any other month. But before we go onto December, the month of everything happy, I would like to share with you a few exciting moment in my life, that happened in November.

Also just a quick note. My phone unfortunetly broke in the month of November, which didn't allow me to take a lot of photos. And that resulted with just 11 pictures being uploaded to Instagram this month. Just putting it out there.

 1) An after-halloween walk with my bestie Kate. The weather that day was amazing!
2) My dog sleeping is the cutest thing ever.
3) Such a perfect sunset! Purples, pinks and oranges are the perfect colours for a sunset.
4) Another sunny walk, shall I add autumny walk.
5) I always find train stations at night fascinating. Don't know why, though haha
6) There were far too many leaves. My boots were pretty much covered!

7) And again. So many leaves.
8) Spaghetti/ lasagne dish. Basically two mixed together.
9) It wasn't even supposed to be black and white photo. But at 4 pm, it is getting dark.
10) Like you can see, I had a obsession with leaves this month. 
11) Aww getting christmassy in a restaurant that I was in with my family. So nice!

Again, I'm so sorry for lack of photos this month. I promise to take more in December.

What was your highlight in November?

Speak to you soon,