A really long time, no see. Few months without Weekly Roundup, but it's back.

Unfotunetely it's not coming back, as the name suggests, weekly. The reason for it, is simple. I have a special announcement coming up. But before that special one (you probably all know that it is), I just wanted to do my last non-christmas lifestyle update. So simply a Weekly Roundup.

Not having done it for quite a while, I forgot the topics, I usually write about. But no worries... let's get started.

Last week I:

watched: far too many episodes of Grey's Anatomy. I had this kind of TV show routine. I used to watch a couple of different series at the same time. But łłnow since I watched the whole entire 10 seasons of Friends, it all changed. Basically what I do now, is choose one TV show and watch it non-stop. And the same thing happened with Grey's Anatomy. I'm currently on the season 8, I believe. It's so addicitive. And you know, I'm all about Merek or Deredith, not sure, which ship name is correct.

listened: I obviously posted my Music Corner recently, but a new surprising, yet amazing album has been added to it. Justin Bieber - Purpose. This album is fantastic. I would never say, that I'm JB's fan. Like never in a million years. And somehow, the way he changed musically, made me such a huge fan of his music. So his new album Purpose is on repeat on Spotify.

ate: ok now here is the exciting part. I've been obsessed with cashew nuts. I eat them all the time. They are soo good. Obviously not as good as pistachio nuts, but very tasty. Also besides all those nuts, I've been eating cereal non-stop. I mean, not non-stop, because that would be just crazy, but at least once a day. Nothing more to say, I'm obsessed.

looking forward to: the special announcement next Tuesday, do you already know what it is? If not, then stay tuned. But besides that, my trip to Berlin, that is due to happen on Dec, 7th till Dec, 9th. Obviously I want to take many photos.

And that's it. Probably the last Weekly Roundup or one of the last ones this year. I'll probably start writing those more frequently after Christmas season, but we shall see.

Speak to you soon,


  1. I've never been a beliber myself but Justin's album is incredible!!
    Nice post x


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