As promised, today I'm going to write about my nail care routine.

It's not like I do my nail every week. I just don't have the patience. My nail care routine includes more than 6 steps, for which I don't necessarily always have time for. So usually I only focus on the first 2, just for my nails to look half decent. But if I want to pamper my nails, I take very seriously haha. Like I said more than 6 steps.

1) Firstly I always use a nail polish remover, just to get all the unneccesary oils or previous nail polish off. Then I trim my nails. I do it with nail file. Also I remove my nail cuticles.  

2) The next step is to apply a base. Because my nails were so damaged after summer and used to spilt so much, I started using the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure. It works really well and prolongs the longevity of the nail polish.

3) After all this preparation, it's time to put some colour. I used Revlon Colorstay in 310 Vintage Rose, which I described as my perfect autumn nail polish (here). I usually apply two coats.

4) After it has dried, I tend to use a top coat. In this case it's the Sally Hansen Mega Shine one. Like the name suggests, it gives even more shine to the nail, and generally helps for the nail polish to stay on the nail.

5) Finally, the last step, I use the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Dry & Go Drops, which makes my life so much easier. It is a drier, that helps to dry your nail varnish, so much faster.

And yes, that's how it looks. My nail care routine when I have a bit more time and actually want to do my nail. And talking about nails, are there any products you would recommend?

Also this post wasn't sponsored by Sally Hansen, I just think this brand is amazing, when it comes to nail stuff.

Speak to you soon,


  1. Sally Hanson is an amazing brand for nals! The quality in their products are great for the price :)


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