I found the perfect autumn nail polish! And I'm here to share it with you all!

In the summer, I made a post about the perfect summer shade, which was eventually a L'Oreal liquid lipstick in a bright coral shade. And as I though I would continue the not so frequent series, I'm here to share with you my perfect autumn nail polish. I still haven't found the perfect lip shade though, which I'm very sad about.

Ok, so onto the nail polish. We all like berry toned shades in autumn, so this nail polish couldn't be different. Revlon Colorstay in 310 Vintage Rose is a really pretty autumn toned nail varnish. What I like about it, is that it's not too dark. Sometimes nail polish brands come up with autumn collections, that have a very dark shade of berry. But this the total opposite. It's a really nice, in my opinion natural, meaning for everybody colour.

As for it's longevity, with my nail care routine (that is actually coming here to my blog in two days), it's still going strong after 4 days, which actually really perfect for me. Because believe me, I had a few nail polishes that chipped the same day I painted them. And as I don't see any major issues with it painted on my nails (besides me adding a few lines on to one nail, after using a pen to do my homework), I feel like it's going to stay there for few more days.

To sum up (I feel like I'm writing an essay haha) Revlon Colorstay in 310 Vintage Rose is my perfect autumn shade. I really like that it's not to dark and also it's pretty long-wearing. Also it's not to expensive, as it is drugstore. And as you all guessed, I do recommend it to everyone :)

Get ready for my nail care routine this Thursday,
speak to you soon,