Want to get into Christmas spirit by just looking at your room?

If you have seen my last years Christmas room tour, you'll know I have went all out back then. Unfortunetely this year, I didn't have the time to make my room all Christmas ready. However I did get the time to spice it up just a little bit.

So if you still feel like your room isn't prepared for Christmas, keep on reading, because I wanted to share with you how I changed my room into more holidays appropriate.

 First of all... CANDLES. It is a Christmas neccesity. Without the candles, it's not Christmas in my opinion. Not only do they make the room smell really nice, but also it nicely adds that cosiness. For the Christmas time, I would suggest picking scents like cranberry, orange, cinammon or vanilla. No matter the scent, the candles will give your room that nice Christmassy vibe.

 Fairy lights, They don't smell, but similarly to candles, make the room all cosy. You don't have to worry about them quickly burning off. I have those ones, shaped in stars. They look so cute on my wardrobe, above my mirror. And yes, they are turned on everyday.

And the last thing, that in my opinion will make a whole difference to the appearance of your room is the Christmas bedding. I guarantee you that after changing it to more festive one, you will literally feel the Christmas. Also adding lots of blankets... a Christmas success is how I like to call it.

So is your room ready for Christmas?

Speak to you soon,