Clothes that I only wear during Christmas time.

I love Christmas. I'm always excited for Christmas. So wearing Christmas clothing is like the highlight of this time of the year. Surprisingly I only have two of those items. So today I'm going to show you my oh-so-big collection of Christmas clothes.

 This first things is a ONESIE. I wanted a onesie for soooo long. And in addition it's christmassy themed. You should have seen my face in H&M, when it was on sale. I literally grabbed it (obviously tried it on) and was sure to buy it. And now I love it. It's so amazing. Not too warm, which I'm glad about, because I was worried that it would be sweating in that thing. It has the cutest pattern ever. A lot of different and christmas themed ones. I seriously love it so much, and I'm afraid, that it's going to be worn every single day, not just during Christmas time.

Another clothing item is this Christmas jumper. An oldie, but a goodie. Well, not quite an oldie, as I bought it last year, but comparing it to the onesie it's the older clothing item. Also comparing to the onesie, it's quite subtle. It has red nose reindeers on it. And to be completely honest with you, I do pinch their noses quite too often. But in my opinion this jumper is for those people, who love Christmas, but don't want to show it that much.

So here, you go those were my Christmas clothes, that I own and wear really proudly. However I would like to buy a few new Christmas sweaters, but I buy one thing each Christmas, so I guess I have to wait another year.

And you? What Christmas clothes do YOU have in your wardrobe?

Speak to you soon,