Today is the last instalment of the Christmas Gift Guide. I present to you Beauty & Random.

As in the quick introduction, today I'm going to share with you my ideas for beauty and rather random present. I hope you enjoy and gain some inspiration, if you still don't know what to give somebody for Christmas.

Let's start with the random category:
1) English Tea Shop X'Mas Gift Tray 
This is such an amazing idea. You get 12 choices of tea, so you can try as many new teas as you can. And by you, I mean the person that will receive this gift haha. But in all seriousness, this tea collection will come in handy and I can gurantee you, everybody will like it.

2) Headphones
No particular ones. I mean Beats By Dre are for sure very good, but so are these ones by Sony. I did receive headphone last year, and I was actually really happy. In my opinion this is a good idea for a present.

3) Watch
Again there are plenty of watches on the market, varieting from expensive ones to rather affortable. Either way it will show the time, no matter the price. So if you choose a nice looking and rather elegant or maybe a crazy colorful watch, I bet that the person who receives it, will be over the moon.

4) Yankee Candles Votive Gift Set
I'm a sucker for candles. I could buy hundrets of them, and never get bored. So if I got a candle for christmas (which I did 2 years ago), I would be thrilled. 

And for the beauty bits:
1) Nivea Sweet Lips 4-Piece Gift Set
Great price, perfect for stocking fillers and also amazing quality. I'm still in love with one of these lip balms. I think Nivea does the best lip balms. 

2) Baylis & Harding Cracker Gift Set
This is so cool. Basically you get 2 Body Lotions and 2 Body Washes, in different scents such as Peach, Vanilla and Rose. And this packaging is so gorgeous.

3) Nails Inc Alexa Autumn/Winter Mini Gel Effect Collection
6 really good quality nail polishes, unfortunetely minis, but if you don't know what colours a certain person would go for, than there are plenty to choose from. 

4) Too Faced Le Grand Chateau
A bit more expensive, but for those extreme beauty lovers (I really want this!) here is the ideal present. 3 rather big makeup palettes and a mini mascara, which I heard was amazing. So in my opinion THE perfect christmas gift.

5) Revlon 'Love' Makeup Set
A drugstore brand making a gift set? Yes, please. Also those Christmas colours. I want this one. Three items in this set: mascara, a lip crayon and nail varnish.

6) NEST Eau de Parfum
Possibly you don't know, which scents the person you're buying gift for likes. Get this 7 mini perfumes set from Nest. Wow that sounded like from a ad of some kind haha. But really, a lot different smelling perfumes would be a dream present for me.

7) Origins Best Sellers Set
And for those skin care lovers, Orgins does this set, which has all their best products.

8) And eight is a repeat of Too Faced. Cheeky hah

And that's it. Everything that I wanted to recommend, if you're still thinking what to buy for under the Christmas tree. I hope you enjoy the whole Christmas Gift Guide.            

Speak to you soon,


  1. All the presents in this post are great ideas for beauty lovers!


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