What I recommend for a present, music and movies wise.

Another instalment of my Christmas Gift Guide series. I believe there are two left. But here we go with this one, shall we? Movies & Music! I think my favourite part. Maybe those aren't the most unique present that you can get, but it is guranteed that they will be used.

1) The Theory of Everything
This movie is so sad. I mean beautiful, but literally I cried throughout the whole movie. I'm not even kidding. This movie is a biography of Stephen Hawking and once more I'm going to say, how amazing and moving it was.

2) The Hunger Games set
In my opinion it's a perfect gift. You receive 3 movies in one set, and all are very good. I feel like everybody enjoyes The Hunger Games. Not mentioning the handsome Liam Hemsworth.

3) Guardians Of The Galaxy
A perfect comedy and fantasy movie in one. It's really funny and also it's a perfect gift for: Marvel lovers, super heroes fans and for everybody loving impossible things.

4) Frozen
Good present especially for kids. But to be honest I watched this movie like 2 or 3 times already, and I'm not a kid anymore (I mean looking at my age hah). Also a great christmassy movie.

5) Star Wars IV-VI set
I would highly recommend giving it to somebody. As the premiere of the newest part is approaching, it would be nice to rewatch all the previous ones. Especially IV, V and VI episodes.

6) Suits 1-3 seasons
Obviously this isn't a movie set, but for TV show lovers like myself this would be an amazing gift. If I received this set, I would be over the moon.

1) Ultimate Christmas
A music setlist, that has every song about Christmas. Like the name suggests (ultimate). Great thing to give for Christmas.

2) 25 by Adele
Obviously the newest and a very popular Adele album. How can anyone not like her amazing voice?

3) In The Lonely Hour Drowning Shadows Edition by Sam Smith
Re-release of Sam Smith's old album. A few new songs added, and this album is still amazing.

4) Purpose by Justin Bieber
Great album from Justin Bieber. Very catchy and every song is just so addictive. You just want to stand up and dance. (I can't right now, because I'm writing this post hah)

5) Wanted On Voyage by George Ezra
Something for country lovers, but only. I'm not the biggest country lover and I still enjoyed this so much. Great voice, very manly haha.

6) Caracal by Disclosure
Similarly to Justin Bieber's, listening to Caracal album you just want to stand up and dance. Great album, featuring many great artists such as Sam Smith.

7) Now That's What I Call Music! 92
And if you really don't know what to buy somebody when it comes to music, you can always go for this setlist, which has all the music, that was popular in the last few months.

And that's it for the Movies and Music gift guide.

Do you have any other ideas about what to give music and movies wise?

Speak to you tomorrow,