Christmas Wish List. My Christmas Wish List.

I love giving presents. But I think, I would be lying, if I said, I don't like getting presents. Everybody loves receiving gifts. So obviously I made myself a list of presents, I would like to get for Christmas.

So here I present to you my Christmas Wish List aka things, I want Santa Claus to bring me ;)

 1) LG G4
I don't know if you've read lately that my phone broke. And more in depth, my phone camera autofocus doesn't work. Which unfortunetely makes my life so much worse (not literally), because I can't take photos. And I actually use this phone camera quite a lot. Or should I say used to.
So I asked for a new phone, because my Sony phone is quite old and the repair would cost me as much as the phone right now itself, if that make sense.

2) Remington Curling Wand
I really want a curling wand. Last week my friend Kate brought with her to my house one, and per usual played a hairdresser. In my opinion my hair looked so nice wavy, and so now I want a curling wand haha.

3) ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Palette
I heard rave review about this makeup palette, so I trust the opinion of other bloggers, that the quality is amazing. Also those shades are so gorgeous. I can't even speak, perfect autumn/christmas palette. If I don't get it for christmas, I'll be sure to buy it for myself.

4) PARFOIS Clean Watch
You know and I know, that I'm a sucker for watches. So to be honest if I get any watch, I'm going to be over the moon. But this in particular is soo pretty. I wanted a classic one with imitation of leather for ages now, since my last one very used-up.

5) Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins
I wanted to read this book even before it came out here in Poland. Still I would prefer to read it in English, but either way I would really like to have a copy of it to myself.

6) NAKED Basics 2 palette
If not now, than I want to get it for myself for my birthday next year. But this palette has the most gorgeous natural matte shades. It's compact, so perfect for travelling (not that I travel that much). I would love to have it in my collection.

And here starts the bags section haha.
7) PARFOIS Reptil Plain Briefcase
My old big bag is all worn out and I or it would really appriciate being replaced :) And just a side note, this bag is not black, it's in marine colour.

8) PARFOIS Nina Clutch
I need a bag for my prom. And also I'm missing a black clutch with silver detailing in my collection. And that's pretty much the end of the story.

9) PARFOIS Basic Wallet
I was thinking, if I want a big wallet or rather small one, but I went for a big one. And obviously black. I feel like black is such an elegant colour and goes with pretty much everything.

And there you have it. My Christmas Wish List. I know it was a lot, with the phone and all, but a few of my friends don't have an idea of what to get me for Christmas, and so I'm giving them a few ideas. And frankly I would like to get all those things, if I'm completely honest with you haha.

Also this post is not sponsored by Parfois (I wish), I just really love this shop.

And what do YOU want to receive for Christmas the most?

Speak to you soon,