There hasn't been a diy post in ages, so today I come to you with a Christmas card tutorial.

I'm not going to ramble a lot today, because it's already late and I have to go to sleep soon. But first of all, I love being creative. You don't probably know, but I am making my own scrapbook, which sooner or later will be shown here on my blog. So making a Christmas card is so fun for me. Especially when I'm making it for a good friend of mine.

It was actually quite easy to make this Christmas card. And I think it turned out pretty good, considering the fact, that I'm not professional and have very little patience.

So on to the diy...
This is a Christmas card, perfect for writing your wishes. The one that I created is a card with small different-coloured bulbs hanging from a wire. I think it looks very festive, especially with the gold colour.

What you will need:

black string
3 different-patterned papers
small scissors
different pens (preferably: black, gold and a pencil)
white card for the base

So first of all you want to measure the lenght of the string, to create 3 individual strings. Visiualize how you where you want the strings to be. Then using the glue, attach the string to your white card. 

 After placing the strings, you want to cut out 12 bulbs, 4 of each paper. So that each string, or 'wire' will have 4 bulbs. After doing so, you want to draw caps (I think that's what it is called). Essentially black messy rectangulars. As shown in the photo.

 Next step is to actually glue the bulbs to the wires. A little tip, don't use to much glue, otherwise it will get messy. Obviously you can arrange the bulbs however you like. But what I did is just use two bulbs, that were coloured the same and put them at the ends of the wire.

Next up is the hardest part. You have to write a quote on the card. Or if you want to print it, than the printer will this job for you. However I decided to write it myself. A tip, practise writing the quote on some other paper, before actually putting it on your main card.

At the end I added a few messy patterns to pull everything together.

I think this card is perfect for Christmas wishes. It's also very customizable, as I originally found it on pinterest, but the main colours were, I think, pastel blue, green and red. And that didn't quite fit my decription of a perfect Christmas card.

Obviously you can change everything in the card I made. Different papers, different colours. Get creative, is what I want to say!

If you make this Christmas card yourself, or any other card for that matter, please tweet me @crazyinlife_!

Speak to you soon,


  1. Very cute & stylish card! Time to whip out my metallic sharpies yayy :) x
    Reyna xox

  2. I love this! It looks so pretty, and I'm sure anyone to receive one would be impressed!


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