Vloggers and bloggers, who I watch everyday during Christmas.

I feel like this year everybody in the Youtube and blogging world have decided to post content everyday. I don't mean it in a bad way. I'm obviously doing blogmas myself. I love seeing everyday posts or videos from my favourite peeps. But there are actually 3 people that I watch and read everyday.

1) MoreZoella

I've been watching Zoe for a few years now. But my favourite things from her are the vlogs. Especially vlogmas. Last year she started vlogmas with a lot of excitment, but she stopped for a while, and so it wasn't all so exciting watching her vlogs. But this year her attitude makes you so pumped for Christmas. Also she's doing #24DaysofZoella, which if I'm being honest I don't watch every video. But vlogs, every single one.

2) Lily Pebbles

Lily does Weekly Vlog, well every week. And I always watch it. Last year she did vlogmas, this May she did EveryDayMay, so I knew I would enjoy her christmas vlogs this year. And so far I'm enjoying it. They are so addictive. And Rich's (her boyfriend) thought of the day is so funny.

3) Olivia Redfern

I'm quite a new reader of Olivia's blog. But I love her blogmas. I've been checking it out everyday since Dec, 1st. And I know I will be doing that till Christmas. Obviously I'm going to go to her blog after blogmas. But anyway you go girl (if you are reading this haha)

And you? Which blog/vlogmases do you watch?

Speak to you soon,


  1. I love Zoe's vlogmas, so festive! Her outfits she puts Nala in are just adorable

  2. Omg! Thank you so much for mentioning me!!! Xx


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