I think I found my Perfect Christmas Nail Polish.
I Don't Know Why I Wrote It Like This haha.

You might think, why did she chose such a in-your-face colour? Well, this colour is not as bright as in the picture, but it sure is stunning.

And this colour is from Sally Hansen and it's the Miracle Gel in 470 Red Eye. It's a really nice pure red colour, a bit on the bright side of the reds. But I would count that as my perfect christmas nail polish.

Sally Hansen is a pretty well-known brand, that creates all different colours of nail polish. Also different nail varnish formulas. I really wanted to try this Miracle Gel, which suggests that with an additional top coat, it is as everything-proof as a normal gel nails done at the salon.
It does last 6 days on the nails, and up to 8 days in a less pretty way. But it is pretty long-wearing.

It's a really nice christmassy shade, not too dark, not too in-your-face. In my opinion it is a really good option for holiday nails. I really like the top coat that you're meant to apply after painting your nails. It adds that nice gel finish to your nails. I actually did get a few compliments on how good my nails looked.

To end, I think Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish in 470 Red Eye is a really good, and long-wearing nail polish. I would definitely recommend buying it or in general the whole Miracle Gel line. However the colour selection is not as good as the quality. There are a lot of amazing nudes, but you don't get a big selection of darker shades. But either way, colour 470 Red Eye is a great christmassy choice!

And do you have your perfect christmas nail polish?

Speak to you tomorrow,