A very late post about my December photos on Instagram.

 1) After scrapbooking fair. A lot things bought, a lot things saw.
2) An afternoon with my lovely mother. We even went for a souffle.
3) Here is me eating that souffle haha.
4) As you all know, my perfect christmas shade.
5) I can't begin Christmas, without a Christmas calendar.
6) Sunsets as usual amaze me.

7) Shopping malls getting ready for Christmas.
8) Bought my first onesie. I'm still so happy about that.
9) Made this Christmas card by myself.
10) Waking up to a sun shining is the best thing.
11) My kitten sleeping is also the best thing.
12) I wish we had lights like that on our house.

13) Christmas decoration all set up. Christmas bedding and more...
14) As for the candles... They couldn't have been missed.
15) Ice skating!
16) With my bestie. Ice skating, singing and stuff... The usual.
17) Peek&Cloppenburg made me so happy this year with their Christmas decorations.
18) This shop was so beautifully decorated. I can't even.

 19) All of the lights!
20) Salad Story time. Meaning healthy lunch after whole day of shopping.
21) Bath&Body Works candles smelling time.
22) Again my ideal living room decor.
23) Just plate. It looked nice. Don't judge me hahah
24) Floating Christmas tree is a new one.

 25) Marble. Just ahhh.
26) Selfie with my best school mates at a museum.
27) #ootd while Christmas shopping. In love with my new scarf.
28) And the last ideal room decor. This time at Zara Home.
29) I love the ceiling of this shopping center. And of course the Christmas decoration. Of course!
30) #ootd for my Christmas party at school.

 31) My Christmas tree, which you would have seen a few time now.
32) My mum is very creative. Her decoration for Christmas.
33) Christmas Eve time!
34) Santa Claus was very generous this year!
36) The after Christmas walk...

37) My dog loves walks. Especially with me of course haha.
38) This is my favourite photo from the whole December. Artsy how I like to call it.
39) When it's your friend's birthday, you gotta make a card.
40) And concluding this year on Instagram - My 2015 Best Nine!

And that would be it. I didn't include any photos from Berlin, because we would be here for a whole day. This is not the last post about 2015, there is one coming about my 2015 faves.

I hope you enjoyed and
speak to you soon,