GOODBYE 2015, HELLO 2016

Well there hasn't been any official Hello New Year. I just finished Christmas posting on here, so I guess I should welcome you in 2016. So ehhh...HELLO!

On Jan, 22nd my blog will be officially 2 years old, which is crazy by the way. Never did I think, that this would be like a full time hobby. Obviously I have times, where I don't post for a few days. But every time I do that, I feel bad.

This year will be hard. Or at least the first half of it. In May I have my finals, which I'm more scared of, than spiders. And I do hate spiders. And then comes the university thing. I don't know if I have said it here before, but I want to study abroad. Next stressful thing as I would have to leave my whole life behind. And also I'm terrified of the language test, that I have to pass to get to university.

And the worst thing about all this school stuff is, that I'm already exhausted. And I haven't done much. I haven't started preparing for my finals AT ALL. And I'm even stressed about thinking of revising all those past 3 years.

But anywayss positive vibes only, because if I start thinking about it more than I already am, I'm going to go crazy. Literally.
On that positive note, I will be 18 this year, which means fully legal to drive, drink haha and do all the adult stuff. For now I'm very excited, as most of my friends are 18 already and I'm just all alone, being jealous. I have heard many times that this adultery is more stressful than anything, but well don't ruin this excitment for me.Still 5 months to go, and I'm enjoying the kidzz life. Trying to live the life to the fullest. Almost.

I don't really have this year planned out. I know that I'm going to Italy for winter break in the beginning of February. And in two days, I'll be attending my prom. I think, I'm going to write a post about all that. But other than that, I don't have anything, that I'm particularly looking forward to. I figured, that I really want to be more spontaneous. And have more fun, because to be honest my life has never been that fun. I do want to go to a club maybe (Kate, do you read this? haha). We will see haha. Yes, I'm honestly laughing while writing this, because I sound sooo lame.

Let's talk about the things that I achieved last year. In 2015. That was hell of year. I tried to enjoy literally every second of last year. I had taken so many photos, both for my scrapbook and generally to keep every fun memory forever. And ever haha.

First of all I went vegetarian. Which I'm so proud of. There wasn't really a major thing, that pushed me to do so. I did watch Kalel's videos on youtube, but they didn't affect my decision that much. So yes, I am vegetarian. I honestly couldn't be vegan. At least not here in my country. I know how dumb it sounds, But where I live everything vegan connected, costs a fortune. That's my personal opinion.

Next big thing, that happened rather in the end of the year, but was or still is soo exciting. I finally got contact lenses. A thing that I would never think of getting. But here I am poking my eye once in a while, putting my contacts in. And also once in a while, because I figured, I didn't want to wear them everyday. Mostly because I just only bought myself some pretty expensive glasses, that I would prefer for them to still be in use.

I had my hair cut pretty short last year. First time in August. And then in December. And yes, it's short right now. Or at least comparing to my hair lenght from like the beginning of 2015. This was quite a big change, but to be honest I prefer myself in shorter hair. It's way more annoying, but you do all different things for beauty haha. Kidding obviously.

I have found an amazing friend through my blog. Her name is Faith. We started talking in the beginning of last year. And it's so amazing to have a friend overseas. I mean, generally a friend like her. She is honestly one of the most kindest people, that I have ever know. Thought it would be nice to finally meet her in person. But I believe it will happen sooner or later.

I started drinking a lot of water. For some of you that may be like a ridiculous, how can I be happy about that. But I was always a juice drinker. I drank a LOT of juice. So I'm pretty happy with the fact, that I'm reducing the amount of juice, I'm drinking. I try to drink one glass of generally sweet drink every day.

And I can count a few more small things, that in my opinion are achievements in general, but I think I'm going to spare you all that ramble.

To sum up. A long year ahead of me. But even though I have a few big decisions to make, I'm trying not to worry that much. I'm trying to make this year quite fun and honestly I want stress to be the smallest part of my life. I know how cheesy and stupid that sounds, but I want to stay positive and make the most of everything I do in 2016.

And I want to wish all of you the same. Stop worring about what other people think, stop worring about small things. Try to be excited for everything (but not overly obviously). And generally LIVE YOUR LIFE to the fullest.

Also just to mention at the end. Yes, I'm in a pretty good mood as I'm writing this. I'm not always that positive haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post and somehow it gave you a bit of inspiration.

Honestly make 2016 your year.

Ok I'm gonna go now haha.
Speak to you soon,


  1. Switching from non-vegetarian to vegetarian is really tough, I did that too but I am more on and off on the vegge diet! Your blog is really cute! Indeed this year will be an amazing year for you. best luck, Please get back to my blog or me anytime..hehe
    love, Sia |


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