PROM 2016!
So a month ago now (January, 9th), my second prom took place in a rather weird, but amazing place called Venecia Palace. It was truly amazing, even though at first I was quite sceptical about this whole event. But I had tons of fun and only wished it was a bit longer. And yes, it ended at 5 am, but either way. The food was very good in my opinion, although after the main course, I didn't get to try much from the buffet. 
I have honestly so many photos, that I took on my phone. And I will have a lot more coming from a proffesional photographer. So I decided to share those, that I have at the moment. Prom was quite a big thing in my life, I worried about it for at least a year. 

On the left you can see me and my beautiful friends. They both looked amazing, all dressed up and stuff. We danced pretty much whole night, although the music wasn't soo amazing. No Justin Bieber, no fun, am I right? hahah

On the right is exactly what I was wearing. It was so hard to find a nice dress. Because firstly I didn't want to spend a lot of money, because come on, it was only one night. And secondly I didn't want to go over the top.

Here is me and my friend in a bathroom mirror. You know, we had to take this photo. It was a neccesity.

The place, where people danced. And I danced obviously haha. But you can also see, that they still had a Christmas tree out. 

Vegetarian version of the main meal, everybody else got. Aubergine with some kind of vegetable spread inside. Also very nicely prepared runner beans,

The venue itself was quite alright. It was those little accents, that made it weird. Like why would you add those ancient sculptures to hold the celling?

My bestest friend made an appearance as well. She came to visit. I loved her hair that time haha!

Here is my table. Full of people, am I right? 

Ok and before I end this post, I want to quickly show you my MAKEUP.

So I won't go into details with the base, as I used the same things, as in all my previous looks. But let's concentrate on the eyes, Although you can't properly see this makeup look, I went for quite a dark, more smoked eyeliner look. I firstly used the Urban Decay Primer Potion, to prime my eyes. Then did a little flick with the Maybelline Master Precise liner. And then applied black eyeshadow all along my lash line, concentrating on the outer V of the eye. I lined my upper and water line with the Catrice Khol Kajal Eye Pencill in Black.

For my lips I went with my trusty NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo.

And that completes this blog post. My second prom in my life, as the first one was the one in middle school. Hopefully not the last one thought. It was so much fun, but now I have to go and study Maths, before the finals.

When did you last go to a prom yourself?

Speak to you soon,