January has come to an end. So Instagram Journal!

I know I haven't been very active here on my blog. It's mostly due to all the work connected with my finals coming up in May. So I'm very sorry for all that not posting on schedule kind of thing.

Anyway... It's February now. I can't believe it. How quickly does the time pass? It has only been New Years. But before I jump into this month, I would like to share with you my photos, that I took in January and posted them to my Instagram.

2) Each year I take one good photo of fireworks, so this year I had to keep up the tradition.
3) Thanks to my bestie, I had the best time during New Years Eve. She looked gorgeous as always!
4) Leftovers of champaigne had to be drank.
5) You all know how sunsets make me inside.
6) My cat was playing hide&seek the wrong way.

7) The weather was so awful. No snow, but cold as... Very cold hahaha
8) Strawberry crumble with Kate (aka my bestie)
9) Cities at night...
10) Almost empty train station.
11) Winter had finally come. Snow... I loved it.
12) Snow ootd.

13) And once again snow. There going to be plenty of photos like that hahah.
14) Prom 2016. Here me and my best school mate taking a photo in a bathroom. You know me.
15) My outfit of the night.
16)  This vegetarian dish was sooo good. I would that right now, if I could.
17) And the tables.
18)  And also my best friend came to visit during prom. Love her so much!

19) I loved the view of snow in my country.
20) And snow scenery again.
21) And yet again hahah
22) I decided to put my ski pants on and do a snow angel. Childlish, but was so fun.
23) Sun rise with snow all around was the best thing to experience during this winter.
24) And sun set... I always take photos of these. Just my thing.

25) Both of our prom has come and gone. My best friend looked amazing!
26) The place, where Kate had here prom, was nice. The architecture... 😍
27) Uuu exciting times, I have a selfie with more than one person. That never happens.
28) Grabbing coffee with my older friend. I mean she's one year older than me, but we met in middle school, so that's why.
29) And this is she.
30) Costa Coffee is always so photogenic.

31,32,33) When the snow is still here.
34,35,36) When the snow has melted.

37) Donut time. This one at Dunkin Donuts was sooo sooo delcious.
38) What's favourite donut?
39) Went to the museum. I love the fact that the building itself was an art.
40) And the inside...
41) People who look at art, fascinate me. Really...

I hope you enjoyed. Let me know, what was the highlight of your month!

Speak to you soon,