As I'm in Italy at the moment, here are a few photos from last year!

As you are viewing this, I'm in Italy on my winter break yet again. And because last year I didn't get the chance to share my photos with you, I decided to do it today.

Just a couple, because let me tell you, last year's holidays were one of the worst. I mean, the weather was terrible, sooo cold. It was hard for me to take any photo. But I managed to take a few just for you guys hahah. But I'm serious!

I hope you enjoy them. My hands almost froze off (is that even a phrase haha), but it was worth it. Especially the views from Marmolada glacier, They were honestly breath taking.

Speak to you soon and you go and take a look at my photos,


  1. It looks amazing there, those views are beautiful! xx


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