The one coat and scarf, I'm wearing way too often.

Today I want to show you, what clothes, I wear outdoor this spring time. So I guess it'll be like an outdoor ootd. I hope I'm not the only one, who wears almost the same things, each time they leave their house. If I'm the only one... don't judge me haha.

Back in November I believe, I came to a conclusion, that I desperately need a new coat. So I bought myself two new coats. One being from New Look, for a very affortable price. It's a trench coat style, but how I like to describe it, a coat, that simply adds elegant touch to every outfit you put underneath.
I love the colour, a beautiful caramel-beige one.
A fun fact, this coat didn't have any pockets at first. But because I am that sneaky...I created them myself.
I have absolutely fallen in love with this coat. I wear it almost everyday and I can't get enough of it.

The scarf that I wear constantly is also from New Look. It's the biggest scarf I own in my house. I use it as a blanket from time to time, if I'm completely honest. I've wanted this dark blue and burgundy stripe print for so long, as I also think it goes with everything. Also I got that scarf on sale, so win-win.

And the rest of the outfit contains a big GAP hoodie, which you know, I'm a fan of. Then black jeans from H&M and black booties from Deichmann.

Simply this is my everyday outdoor outfit. The items I just talked about, are my essentials for the countries that are in a similar climate as Poland. So to clarify... quite cold, but with an occasional sun showing up weather.

If you want to look for similar clothes, that I showed in this blog post, I will leave links to websites below:
New Look scarfs
New Look coats
GAP hoodies
H&M jeans
Deichmann shoes

What are your favourite outdoor pieces?
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  1. I have a similar coat and watch. Beige coats are very in season so I jazz my coat up with colourful thick scarves. My bid to look a little different rather than blend in!

    I also wear a black mac but I do love my beige coat 😍😍😍

  2. I seriously don't know what i would do without New Look. I also have a NewLook scarf which I wear religiously almost everyday aha
    Reyna xox


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