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First walk of 2k16. Story of when I went on a 10k walk with my bestie!

Similarly to last year, I decided to go on walk. First walk of 2k16 to be more precised. Me and Kate went to explore the Old Town of Warsaw, that eventually turned into 10k distance walk filled with lots of lols, many embarrassing photos being taken and eating Polish traditional soup.

I have to admit, it might have been the best day so far in 2016. I had soooooo much fun, that those o's added after so, won't fully express my excitment.

Obviously I won't show you the embarrassing photos, that Kate had taken of me, but I thought that I would share with you just a couple of photos showing the Old Town of Warsaw. Because I recently realised, I have never shown you the capital city of Poland in full picture. So here you go...

Before I go, if you fancy seeing last year's First Walk of 2K15, just click here.

And have you been on your first walk this year?


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  2. Amazing photos, Warsaw looks beautiful!


  3. Wow everything looks so pretty and instagram-worthy aha :)
    Reyna xox


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