Who is back? Backstreet's... wait, no. I'm back - ALRIGHT!! 

Hello everybody! After not seeing, or should I say writing to you for 2 months, I feel so weird. It has been almost 2 months... That seems so long, but honestly it only feels like yesterday, that I wrote that last blog post. The time flies so quickly, I don't know, where those two months went.

Yes, a lot did happen, as the biggest reason for this inactivity were the exams. The most stressful time that I have ever experinced till this day. But honestly learned quite a lot during that time. Not only for the exams haha.

One of the things, you missed, was definitely the fact, that I graduated from high school. It was quite emotional. I will never sit in a classroom with all those people ever again. I don't need to go to school ever again, not taking university in account of course. But obviously something ends and something else begins. Normal thing, right?

Another thing... EXAMS! I think I can write like hundreds of posts, how to deal with exam stress, now that I've been through all that. 6 written exams and 2 speaking ones. Crazy sh*t let me tell you. Never been so stressed in my life. However I survived and I think I have passed all of them. Still waiting on the results till July, 5th.

There is a superstition here in Poland, that you cannot cut your hair from prom till the exams. Otherwise the exams won't go too good. Or something like that. Normally I don't believe in superstitions. However I didn't get my hair cut for about 5 months. So finally 2 weeks ago, I had it cut!!! I love having short hair.

The most important thing that happened during those two last months was my birthday. My 18th birthday. I'm an adult now. When did that happen? Hahah. I honestly can't still think of myself as an adult, mostly because I don't act like one. But honestly it was the best birthday in my whole life. Firstly on May, 6th (my exact birthday), Kate and my other friend made me a surprise by coming to my house. I was shocked and kinda emotinal, because if you still don't know that about me, I love surprises. Then a week ago, I had my birthday party for all my friends. It was obviously the best party I have been to. Great music and amazing company. I stayed up till like 6. And pretty much danced all night. I love birthdays! Seriously do.

And that would be it for what happened in the past. However when talking about the future. At least the nearest future. I have 3 months of holidays now. I don't have a lot of plans at this point. Only the very anticipated trip to Slovakia with Kate in two weeks. I really want those vacations to be spontaneous. I want to make a lot of memories and remember this longest break from education for the rest of my life.

As for the blog. It has always had a big impact on my life. I want to tell you, that I will post every 2 days, or have some kind of schedule. But to be honest I haven't blogged in over 2 months, which means I need some time to get back into it. But I'll get there. I will try my best.

That would be it for my huge update, as said in the title. The last apology for not posting for sooo long!

Speak to you soon,


  1. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !


  2. You're going to do amazingly well, you're you and plus you've worked super hard! So happy that you're back blogging, don't worry I'll be back at it soon haha. I hope you have a wonderful trip and I expect to see all the Instagrams and blog posts about your trip haha.



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