When you haven't blogged for 2 months and have so much catching up to do...

I haven't done Instagram Journal in more than 4 months. I loved doing these, so what is up with that Mary? Actually because of all the exams, I haven't been that active on Instagram. But I really want to get back into this app, as I love sharing different photos with the world. I'm more into snapping photos of landscapes and food than beauty and my face, but you can have a look for yourself (@crazyinlife_).

And meanwhile onto the actual blog post. This time I decided to combine 4 months all together. However instead of talking about every photo, I thought I would choose just a few.

As you all know, I have been to Italy yet again for my winter break. I have posted so many photos on Instagram when it comes to this trip, I even surprised myself. Honestly it was one of the best trips to Italy ever. I met my friend and we had tons of fun. Also the views were amazing. Literally every day, I experienced something so beautiful, it's hard to imagine. The mountains are so unpredictable, but it's unpredictable that makes them so amazing.

The first walk of 2016. You have seen all the photos. I just want to say, how grey is life in March. When everything comes back to life after winter. You don't realize it, till you take a photo.

Learning for the exams in the best way possible. Eating pasta and talking with a friend. Sorry, learning haha. It was such a stressful time, as you all heard before. But the best thing to do, to get rid of the stress is to talk with a friend and eat the best food ever.

Been to a first concert in years. What a coincidence, it was a Years&Years concert. I'm planning on doing a post on that event, as it was such a good show. I can't express, how much fun I had. If you have never heard of  Years&Years, you better have a listen, because they are so darn good.

I have gone vegetarian about a year ago. Ok, a bit shorter than that. But I have never felt better. Honestly I still eat as much as I used to, but I don't feel full as quick. I never spoke or forced somebody to go vegetarian, because I think, it should be one's decision to change their eating habits, not mine. Whenever somebody asks me, why I did go vegetarian, I answer that I see no difference, I eat as much and in my opinion even better food. I don't think, I will go vegan anytime soon, however I would definitely want to do so in the future.
Oh and what all this burrito in the picture has to do with veganism? Me and Kate finally ate a vegan burrito and it was soooo delicious!

Me and Kate obviously had to go on our first roller skating trip of 2016. And then reward ourselves with crepes and smoothie. I love how it all works perfectly right haha.

I love that feeling when you go on a casual walk in your nearest surroundings and find that amazing place to take photos. That happenes everytime for me as I rarely go on a walk near my house. And I totally should. I live in the forest. I get to experince not only the best views, but also the quiet vibe all the time.

And again. Food. The biggest part of my life haha. This time a reward for walk a long distance and passing all my exams. Well deserved ice cream!

And that would be it. The end of this little Instagram Journal update. Now that I look at it, there wasn't a lot of photos to choose from for this blog post. I think it was mostly connected with exams as all was hahah.

Tell me in the comments, what was one highlight from these past 4 months for you.

Speak to you soon,